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New Concept in Dispersant Application

Designed for efficiency in dispersant application, NeatSweep® collects a broad swath of oil and funnels the slick into a narrow band where dispersant is applied. Dispersant usage can be reduced by up to 50%. A computerized self adjusting, speed sensing and monitoring system controls the rate of dispersant application drastically reducing dispersant waste. Oil enters the dispersant application zone at uniform thickness reducing overdosing and underdosing.

Patented NeatSweep® system includes:

• Two 300 feet (90 meters) of inflatable Airmax tow boom
• One computerized dispersant pumping unit
• One dispersant appication unit
• Mixing Panel

This all weather system allows the neat (full concentration) application of dispersant directly onto the oil. This reduces waste through evaporation and mistargeting. NeatSweep® allows very high payloads since dispersant is carried on towing vessels. Ideal for vessels of opportunity, personnel are not exposed to airborne dispersant mist.


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