Construction & Tunnel Drilling Fluid

EZ-MUD GOLD clay and shale stabilizer, helps provide inhibition of clay and shale formations in water-based drilling fluids without substantially increasing viscosity.
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HOLEPLUG® Graded Sodium Bentonite
HOLEPLUG sodium bentonite is a naturally occurring Wyoming sodium bentonite clay that is sized and graded chip material used to seal and plug earthen boreholes.
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LIQUI-TROL™ Modified Cellulosic Polymer Suspension
LIQUI-TROL viscosifier is a liquid suspension of a modified natural cellulosic polymer in a free-flowing ultra-clean oil.
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NO-SAG® Biopolymer Gel Strength Enhancer
NO-SAG biopolymer is free-flowing, powdered and easily dispersed. It helps enhance the carrying capacity of both clay and polymer-base drilling fluids without significantly increasing the viscosity of the slurry.
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N-SEAL™ Lost Circulation Material
N-SEAL acid soluble lost circulation material is specially formulated extrusion spun mineral fiber.
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PENETROL® Wetting Agent
PENETROL® water miscible, non-ionic wetting agent is designed to help counteract the sticking tendencies of clay.
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