FA Body Care

FA Bar Soap
Fa bar soaps contain precious ingredients and help the skin maintain its natural moisture balance. Enjoy gentle cleansing with inspiring fragrances.
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FA Energising Bar Soap - Sport
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Fa Mystic Moments Bar Soap
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FA Refreshing Lemon Bar Soap
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FA Showergel
Simply indulging – Fa shower gels offer rich and valuable care combined with fresh, aromatic fragrances. Depending on your needs, relaxing or invigorating for a silky-soft skin feeling. Each one is a perfect combination of care and freshness – a gift to your body and senses.
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FA Mystic Moments Showergel - Shea Butter & Passion Flower
For tenderly caressed skin with a mystical seduction effect.
Intensive care for soft skin
Intensively caring shea butter
Inspiring passion flower fragrance
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